Cheap Arts and Crafts Supplies on Amazon

Everybody loves to find cheap arts and crafts supplies, right? Wherever you can find the lowest price for supplies for at home projects, it’s worth it.

Whenever you are thinking about a new art project, you usually have to make the trip to your local craft store or big box chain store to load up on all the arts and crafts supplies you will need. Sure, there are always the sale items that might get you into the store, or maybe there are some sale bins you pass while browsing through the store, but you most always need to buy supplies at regular price, which is where they make their money.

On Amazon, just about everything you need is at a low price, mostly due to the competition between Amazon and the other sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. But you have to be careful when looking at some of these items, as the 3rd party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace often add an additional shipping charge, which if you don’t see in the fine print you may not notice when you are checking out.

So at Dollar Frog, we have found many cheap arts and crafts supplies on Amazon, all for under two dollars. Here is where you can search for all the cheapest arts and crafts and school supplies on Dollar Frog: Arts & Crafts and School Supplies.

Even for arts and crafts supplies, we were surprised to see some of these items at such a low price. Elmer’s Craft Glue, for instance, is usually something you need for most projects, and is typically found at three dollars or more,. At Amazon, we found this package of Elmer’s Craft Glue at under two dollars:

This is just one of many examples of great low prices on cheap arts and crafts supplies at Amazon.

Cheap Arts and Crafts Supplies

Many more products you use every day can be found at very low prices on Amazon. And if you bundle them together into one shipment, with a total cost of over $25, then the shipping is free. So take a look at some of the products we have found here on the Dollar Frog website,, and come back often to see what else we have found for cheap arts and crafts supplies.

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