How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is back on October 13-14. This year, more so than in past years, it pays to do some legwork ahead of the big show and prepare for what you want to do.

For any event — a half-marathon, a surprise party, a trip to a new city — preparation is key. And yes, this even includes Amazon Prime Day

After months of speculation, Amazon finally made it official: Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place on October 13-14. The annual sales event certainly warrants some extra preparation ahead of time since it features hundreds of thousands of deals, coming in and out of stock.

This year, more so than in past years, it pays to do some legwork ahead of the big show. 

We will be here to make shopping during Prime Day as smooth as possible, with deal roundups and resources like the guide below. Read up on everything related to Amazon Prime Day 2020 here.

  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 is back on October 13-14. 
  • Ahead of the shopping event, Amazon created several ways to fill your account with bonus credits.
  • Below, we show you how to take advantage of all the great offers and deals available ahead of the sales event in mid-October.
  • A bit of preparation could help maximize the savings you’ll get when the big day arrives.
  • But first, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member.

Be an Amazon Prime subscriber

As it stands, only Amazon Prime members can access the deals featured on Prime Day —  so you’ll need to make sure you’re a subscriber. If you find that your subscription lapsed, but don’t want to be on the hook for the $119 annual subscription cost, don’t fret. You can pick up a monthly subscription for $13.

For the would-be first-time subscribers, there’s enough time between now and when Prime Day begins that it’s safe to sign up for the 30-day free trial and take advantage of all the perks (including shopping Prime Day) without paying. 

While it would be tempting to wait until the last minute to sign up, we encourage you to start your membership as soon as possible. You’ll need a subscription to access the early discounts available, but also gain access to all of the pre-Prime Day credit opportunities. Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial $0.00  from  Amazon

Download the Amazon app

You can use the Amazon app all year long to streamline your mobile shopping experience, but it’s particularly useful for Prime Day. Before Prime Day goes live, go to the “Deals” section of the app, where you’ll be able to view all upcoming deals. Click “Watch this deal” to receive an alert the moment it goes live. The app organizes all the deals you’re interested in, so just pay attention to your phone notifications if you want to grab a deal before it’s gone. 

Better still, the Amazon app is required when shopping Amazon’s physical stores and, more importantly, claiming bonus credits ahead of the shopping holiday.

Collect bonus credits

Ahead of the shopping event, Amazon created several avenues for shoppers to earn credit to use during the two-day event. We’ve listed them here, plus a few bonus ways to seek more value. 

  • Spend $10, Get $10 shopping Amazon’s physical stores: Shoppers who spend at least $10 at Whole Foods Market (in-store, pick-up, or delivery) can get a $10 credit to use when Amazon Prime Day comes around. You’ll need to checkout with your Amazon Prime account to snag the credit. This offer also extends to Prime members who shop at Amazon physical stores, including Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books or Amazon Pop Up, and Amazon 4-star. If you manage to shop at each location, you’ll collect $50 to use on Prime Day. 
  • Earn $10 more by supporting small businesses: Amazon is also offering the same ‘Spend $10, Get $10’ offer when you shop small businesses via Amazon. It’s worth noting that this $10 credit, plus those available for shopping at Amazon’s physical stores, can only be redeemed on Prime Day and can’t be redeemed before or after. 
  • Pick up a $5 credit with Amazon Cash: This service lets you shop Amazon without a debit or credit card by adding cash at participating locations. First-time Amazon Cash customers can get a $5 Amazon credit when they add $30 in their Amazon Cash bank.
  • Apply for an Store Card: Shoppers who sign up and get approved receive a $60 gift card. If you have an Amazon Prime Store Card, you can earn 5% back on your purchases and up to 25% back on Prime Day purchases. Each month, your points can be redeemed as a statement credit or used to buy millions of items on Amazon. There’s no annual fee, either.
  • Add an extra 2% by reloading gift cards: If you know you’ll be shopping Amazon Prime Day 2020, pre-loading your Amazon balance nets you an additional 2%. This may seem like a pittance, but don’t forget  —  Amazon Prime Day will offer a lot of products at their lowest prices ever.

Narrow down what you want to buy

It’s smart to go into Prime Day with at least some idea of what you want to buy (and save on).

Amazon devices will most likely enjoy significant discounts. If you’re able to, we recommend holding off until Prime Day to make your next Echo or Kindle purchase. Amazon now makes tons of different devices, from tablets and TVs to speakers and yes, even microwaves.

Your Prime Day wish list doesn’t have to include a bestseller or an Amazon device — but you should compile some type of list to make shopping more efficient. 

It bears repeating that Amazon Prime Day 2020 will not be the final sales event of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which may offer a larger selection of products, are still in the books for late November. So, if the product you want doesn’t go on sale, don’t settle for retail price.

Good luck preparing for Amazon Prime Day, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss out on the great deals we will be putting together for our readers.

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