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3M General Use 201+ Masking Tape – 0.125 in. (W) x 180 ft. (L) Crepe Masking Tape Roll with Solvent Free Rubber Adhesive

3M 201+ Masking Tape is an all-purpose tape, commonly used by professionals and DIY project planners. The sealing tape can be suitably used in applications like bundling, sealing, labeling, and marking. This crepe paper adhesive tape is ideal to be used at homes, offices, and in industrial settings. The strong masking tape is even used for wall preparation where surfaces to be painted and surrounding surfaces need to be taped for protection. The masking tape is also used to bundle and organize electrical cords, air hoses, lighting, painting, etc. This highly useful paper tape unwinds smoothly and tears easily, ensuring operator’s convenience without the risk of curling. It is designed to work with a variety of surfaces including glass, rubber, paper, wall, plastic, metal, and fiberboard.


  • Masking Tape: general purpose sealing tape with solvent-free rubber adhesive sticks to a wide variety of materials. Instant adhesion tape with a good holding power resists curling and lifting. It is commonly used for wall painting preparation
  • Crepe Backing: indoor use tape with crepe paper backing and solvent-free rubber adhesive is easy to tear by hand. Marking tape resists slivering, solvents, or water from paint, ensuring a clean surface after unwinding
  • Utility Range: crepe paper tape is usable for bundling, holding, sealing, marking, and labeling in households as well as industrial settings. Use this bundling tape to create temporary labels, mark boundaries, and bundle cords
  • Special Feature: this useful painter’s tape can tolerate temperature up to 200 deg. F/ 93 deg. C for 30 minutes. Quick adhesive tough masking tape can conform to all types of curved and irregular surfaces
  • Specifications: 0.0044 in. thick sealing tape with dimensions 0.125 in. (W) x 180 ft. (L) can be suitably used in construction, shipping, warehousing, marine, and retail industries




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