Avery Fashion Reinforcement Stickers, Assorted Metallic Colors, Pack of 280


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With these fun fashion reinforcement stickers you get not only durable, long-lasting paper reinforcements, you get stylish designs to help dress up your organization. These assorted metallic reinforcements are the ideal solution to repair and strengthen punched holes and they’re great for crafting projects as well. The hole reinforcements won’t rip or tear and feature permanent adhesive and standard size holes.

  • Durable, long-lasting paper reinforcements that offer stylish designs that help dress up your organization
  • Assorted metallic colors
  • Repair and strengthen punched holes or use for crafting projects
  • Standard size holes won’t rip or tear
  • Permanent adhesive


Avery Fashion Reinforcement Labels, Assorted Metallic Colors, 1/4 Diameter, Pack of 280 (5745)



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