Avery Hole Reinforcement Labels, White (Pack of 200)


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Find the strength your papers need to carry on – these Reinforcement Labels are designed to strengthen and repair punched holes. The labels come in a handy dispenser that peels each self-adhesive reinforcement off the roll one by one. Apply the reinforcements to your standard-size punched holes to provide a durable border that resists tearing. Your punched holes will be stronger for the experience.


  • Self-adhesive, super thin poly-vinyl rings repair and strengthen punched holes in paper.
  • Standard hole size labels will not rip or tear.
  • Packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser.
  • Permanent adhesive keeps labels in place for enduring reinforcement
  • Strengthens and repairs standard-size punched holes
  • Color : White


Avery 05729 Dispenser Pack Hole Reinforcements, 1/4″ Dia, White (Pack of 200)



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