Balloon Stick-Ups, 20ct


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Balloon Stick-Ups, 20ct

Create a colorful party scene at any special occasion with these Balloon Stick-Ups. This package of Balloon Stick Ups includes 20 balloon adhesive tabs that have holes to thread tied balloons through. Stick air-inflated balloons to walls, ceilings, or doorways by pressing the adhesive to the surface, and then gently tug off when the celebration is over. Whether it’s a birthday party, a school dance, or a wedding, these balloon accessories make party decorating simple and affordable.


  • Package of 20 Balloon Stick-Ups
  • Balloon Hangers have an opening that holds the balloon knot and a sticky tab for clinging to surfaces
  • Make it easy to stick inflated balloons to a wall, ceiling, door, or other surface and removal is just as easy
  • Ideal for creating balloon backdrops for a birthday party, wedding, graduation party, New Year’s Eve party, or other holiday party
  • Don’t forget to combine these with other party supplies and party decorations




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