BIC Medium BallPoint Pen, 4 Colors


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Retractable medium ballpoint pen offers the convenience of four colors of ink in one refillable pen. Ideal for recording data in different colors. Pen writes in four colors without changing pens. At the click of a color-coded button, you select the color ink you want: blue, black, red or green. Refillable.

The BIC 4-Color ball pen adds versatility to your everyday writing. You are able to switch between four colors at the click of your thumb. This is a perfect pen when recording data in different colors. You have four different color pens all in the palm of you hand. The colors are: blue, black, red or green. The pen comes in both medium (0.3mm) and fine (0.2mm) points.


  • Ball Pen
  • Perfect for recording data in different colors
  • Get four colors (black, blue, red, green) in one pen
  • medium point
  • refillable


BIC Medium Point Ball Pen, 4 Colors, Assorted Ink, 1 per Pack (MMXP11)



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