Bicycle Seat Cover with Sponge Layer


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This bicycle seat cover is made with a middle sponge layer to provide comfort for bike riders.  The surface is made of non-slip and wear-resistant fabric, and the fabric is used on the part where the inner layer is in contact with the cushion to ensure that it does not slip with the seat.

Friends often ask what kind of seat this sponge seat cover is suitable for. In general, only a very small number of very narrow road bikes are not suitable for this kind of seat cover. The seats above 140MM can basically be installed, between 150MM and 175MM will be very suitable.

The 3D sponge cushion designed according to ergonomics can be seen in the picture. Quick-release installation structure of pull rope.
A good choice for long-distance cycling! The surface is made of non-slip and wear-resistant fabric. The inner layer is in contact with the seat cushion using fabric with glue points to ensure that it does not slip with the seat after installation. The middle layer uses as the main material, which is comfortable and fleshy, protects your buttocks, wear-resistant and durable.

Have you ever wondered if your hips will be sore after cycling for a long time, because your seat cushion is very hard? You will not feel this uncomfortable feeling using this seat cover. When you are tired from riding, you may not have soreness at this time!


  • Ultra-thick sponge seat cushion cover for bicycle
  • Suitable for: mountain bike/battery bike/road bike/folding bike
  • Specification: about 270*180 MM
  • Thickness: layer thickness 25-35 MM Weight: 160G
  • Material: high quality slow elastic sponge
  • Color as shown (Other colors available)
  • Description: Very suitable cushion cover, 35mm thick layer sponge. It gives you a different riding comfort.


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