Laurey Plastic Cabinet Hardware Knob, 1.25 Inch, Bone


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Laurey 34616 Plastic Cabinet Hardware Knob, 1.25 Inch, Bone

Beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, Lauréy plastic cabinet hardware are the answer to a homeowner’s prayer. * Innovative Designs * Superior Craftsmanship * Satisfied Customers * Unparalled Service * Unlimited Life time Guarantee * Incomparable Quality * Few companies can honestly make any of these statements. Lauréy proudly claims them all. Lauréy cabinet hardware is designed to withstand an active home environment. And Lauréy products are consistently chosen by designers searching for the “perfect” accent to complete every project.


  • Bone in Color
  • Perfect for new construction, renovation, remodeling, updating, and replacement.
  • Finest Quality Cabinet Hardware
  • Comes with screws for attachment.




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