Makaor_Home Single Beginner Tennis Trainer Ball Set with Rope


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The tennis trainer ball set with rope is used for tennis training.  Hit this ball with a tennis racquet and it will come back!

✮Elastic rope length about 4M wide 4MM thick 1.5MM
✮Weight: about 75g
✮Diameter: about 64mm


  • SOFTER AND LIGHTER:The ball is made of rubber and wool material, it is lighter than tennis, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting your face
  • TAKE IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO:It takes up very little space and can be used outdoors or indoors for easy portability.
  • ENJOY YOUR WORKOUT:Maybe you will worry about whether you will use it for a long time to exercise, but I am sure to tell you that it will bring you unparalleled fun and make you addicted quickly
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS:Suitable for men or women, teenagers or children. Everyone can use it to train easily, enjoy the fun or release the pressure
  • IT IS A PERFECT SOLO TRAINING EQUIPMENT:It can help train your reaction and hand eye coordination while providing an interesting workout


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