VELCRO Brand For Fabrics Sew On Fabric Tape for Alterations and Hemming


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VELCRO Brand For Fabrics | Sew On Fabric Tape for Alterations and Hemming | No Ironing or Gluing | Ideal Substitute for Snaps and Buttons | Tape, 30in x 3/4in, Black

VELCRO Brand for fabrics is the ideal hook and loop fastener that provides a strong and secure bond to fabrics without messy gluing or ironing. It’s the perfect alternative to snaps, buttons, zippers, or any closures for soft materials like electronic cases or athlete gear.

this long-lasting fabric Tape is easy to apply. Simply hand or machine sew the cloth Tape onto the fabric and be sure to backstitch to ensure a tight hold. As a DIY fabric adhesive, these fasteners can also be used for arts and crafts, Halloween costumes and decorations, home crafting projects, adding embellishments and appliques to fabrics, for playtime and dress up, tacking dresses, pants, curtains, and so much more. Close The Sew on fastener before laundering and withstands warm and cold water washings. It can even be dry cleaned. It’s the ideal alternative to simple mending and closures.

VELCRO Brand for fabrics sew on fasteners are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit all fastening needs.


  • Sew on fasteners: for easy fabric alterations and hemming, this sew on Fabric Tape offers an convenient option for clothing, accessories and home decorating; easy sew application, no ironing or gluing required
  • Adjustable Alternative to closures: This easy to use pre-cut cloth Tape is a perfect substitute for snaps, buttons, zippers, hooks and eyes, and more
  • Strong and secure hold: created to withstand repeated use, these quality hook and loop fasteners are made to last; simple to use, Just machine or hand sew the round cloth Tape onto the fabric
  • Multi-use options: Use to hem pants; add embellishments to apparel, decorative pillow covers or drapery Ties; provides a closure for soft Electronic cases or handbags uses are endless
  • Machine wash or dry clean: created to withstand laundering for long lasting use, close fastener and simply wash in cold or warm water only (Not recommended to launder in hot water)




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