Westcott 6 Inch Ruler, Clear, Shatterproof


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Westcott 6 inch Ruler, Clear and Shatterproof, with total flexibility and clarity of measurement.

Westcott brand focuses on creating innovative designs that provide style and quality to an assortment of school, craft, and office products. The inspiration that has gone into each of our products has not only won Westcott multiple achievements but has also made us an innovative brand of scissors, rulers, sharpeners and math tools.


  • Transparent plastic construction
  • 1″ wide.
  • Clear: Translucent colors allow for viewing through to the page
  • Flexible: Bend and twist this ruler and it returns to its original shape
  • English and metric markings


Westcott 6-Inch Clear Shatterproof Ruler (45016)



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