September Book Recommendations on Amazon

It is that time of year: the end of summer and time to look at the September Book Recommendations on Amazon. The usual back-to-school season that September brings has been in flux this year, to say the least. Anxieties are running high as some students pick up supplies to head back to in-person classes while others scramble to put together at-home setups for virtual learning. With uncertainty around future plans looming large, now more than ever is an excellent time to curl up and unwind for a few hours with a compelling new read.  

Whether looking to tap back into your drive for education or seeking an escape from this eerie time, Amazon’s book editors have curated a list of 12 reads fit for your September list.

The list features a wide range of captivating reads, such as psychologist and author Catherine Gildiner’s “Good Morning, Monster,” which details triumphant stories of her patients’ emotional recovery. Meanwhile, Louise Penny’s “Chief Inspector Gamache” series makes its triumphant return with “All the Devils Are Here,” with the protagonist looking to solve the attempted murder of his godfather. In the mix are also powerful memoirs, medieval epics, and more.  

Here are the top 12 books of September 2020, according to Amazon’s editors:

Captions have been provided by Erin Kodicek, editor of books, and Kindle at

“Fifty Words for Rain” by Asha Lemmie

Amazon Books Fifty Words for Rain

Fifty Words for Rain $19.95  from  Amazon

Set in post WWII Japan, this sweeping story about a love child left with her scandalized, and brutal, grandparents will have you rooting for its resilient heroine, Nori, who must summon the courage to assert her own identity and live life on her own terms.

“A Knock at Midnight” by Brittany K. Barnett

Amazon Books A Knock at Midnight

A Knock at Midnight $28.00  from  Amazon

In this powerful memoir that examines the ways in which institutionalized racism permeates our judicial system, Brittany K. Barnett describes her efforts to fight for the men and women unfairly incarcerated for minor drug offenses, including her own mother.

“All the Devils Are Here” by Louise Penny

Amazon Books All the Devils Are Here

All the Devils are Here $17.39  from  Amazon

The latest in Louise Penny’s beloved Inspector Gamache series finds our hero in Paris, investigating the attempted murder of his godfather. “All the Devils Are Here” is a great entry point into the popular series, and an intriguing origin story for the faithful.

“Transcendent Kingdom” by Yaa Gyasi

Amazon Books Transcendent Kingdom

Transcendent Kingdom $19.56  from  Amazon

In Yaa Gyasi’s highly anticipated follow-up to “Homegoing,” a PhD candidate in neuroscience channels her studies into trying to understand the depression and addiction plaguing her family, while also mourning the imperfect but very real consolations her faith once provided.  

“Anxious People” by Fredrik Backman

Amazon Books Anxious People

Anxious People $19.69  from  Amazon

Best-selling author Fredrik Backman returns in a novel about an open house that turns into a hostage situation. But this is Backman so it’s not a thriller! “Anxious People” is another reassuring and endearing yarn that will expand your empathy in unlikely places.   

“The Book of Two Ways” by Jodi Picoult

Amazon Books The Book of Two Ways

The Book of Two Ways $20.49  from  Amazon

A budding Egyptologist’s life gets sidetracked by her mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis in a profound novel by Jodi Picoult that explores the ways in which the decisions we make shape us.

“The Evening and the Morning” by Ken Follett

Amazon Books The Evening and the Morning

The Evening and the Morning $25.35  from  Amazon

The prequel to Ken Follett’s juggernaut Kingsbridge series lives up to the hype. Set at the tail end of the Dark Ages when England was being constantly battered by the Vikings, it’s a star-crossed love story, but also another sly critique of the so-called pious.

“The Quiet Americans” by Scott Anderson

Amazon Books The Quiet Americans

The Quiet Americans $22.04  from  Amazon

A well-researched and character driven history of the early years of the CIA, “The Quiet Americans” is not just about the work they do — much of it morally complex — but how it affects them as human beings.

“Good Morning, Monster” by Catherine Gildiner

Amazon Books Good Morning Monster

Good Morning, Monster $22.32  from  Amazon

For fans of Lori Gottlieb’s “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,” a therapist recounts five of her most fascinating patients, with a focus on how heroic they are for overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 

“Can’t Even” by Anne Helen Petersen

Amazon Books Can't Even

Can’t Even $20.19  from  Amazon

Based on the viral Buzzfeed article “How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation,” Anne Helen Petersen does a deep dive into how former generations, especially the Boomer generation, have set Millennials up for failure.

“The Lying Life of Adults” by Elena Ferrante

Goodreads The Lying Life of Adults 4x3

The Lying Life of Adults $15.84  from  Amazon

A young girl forges a relationship with an estranged aunt, upending her life in ways that frighten and excite, and also change the way she sees her parents, the city she loves, and the other people around her.

“Just Us” by Claudia Rankine

Amazon Books Just Us

Just Us $30.00  from  Amazon

In this unique and provocative work comprised of everything from personal musings, to tweets, to historical documents, and even Beyoncé lyrics, Claudia Rankine challenges herself and her readers to confront questions about bias, privilege, and racism.

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