Unbox Your Hatchimals Egg and Get a Secret Surprise

Unbox and build your own Hatchtopia scene with the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Secret Surprise Playset. Hatch, twist, peel and reveal multiple layers of the egg to find everything you need to create your own scene. Discover exclusive CollEGGtibles, papercraft decorations, accessories and more hidden inside! You won’t know which theme you’re getting until you start unboxing. Which Secret Surprise will you hatch?

Get started by hatching the top layer to reveal three exclusive Hatchimals CollEGGtibles characters inside the three compartments. Next, twist to remove the top piece of the egg and find hidden papercraft decorations and stickers to help build out your scene! Finally, twist off the middle to uncover a final layer of surprises in the bottom of the egg – peel and reveal three unique accessories for your adorable new CollEGGtibles friends. Snap the pieces of the egg back together and decorate your scene. Set up the papercraft decorations and accessorize your CollEGGtibles to tell the story of your mini Hatchtopia scene. Play with your scene, and attach the clear egg lid back on top to display around your room. With so many Secret Surprise Playsets to choose from, which Secret Surprise will you hatch? Collect all of the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Secret Surprise Playsets and uncover even more surprises.

Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Jam-packed with fun surprises to discover, the Secret Surprise Playset is an unboxing fan’s dream. In each layer of the egg, you’ll uncover something new. As you hatch, twist, peel and reveal the 3 layers, you’ll find everything you need to build out your scene: 3 exclusive CollEGGtibles, 3 accessories, papercraft decorations and stickers.

Tons of Surprises to Discover!

There are so many surprises to discover inside the Secret Surprise Playset and unboxing them is so much fun! Hatch the top layer to find 3 exclusive CollEGGtibles; twist off the middle section to discover papercraft decorations and stickers; then twist the bottom to reveal 3 accessories for your CollEGGtibles! Plus, you won’t know which scene you’re getting until you start unboxing.

Perfect for Storytelling Play

Bring your Secret Surprise scene to life! Put the pieces of the egg back together, then add the papercraft decorations and stickers. Accessorize your CollEGGtibles and their fun poses will help tell your scene’s story in a fun way! Play with your scene, then place the clear egg lid back on top to display around your room.

The price for the Hatchimals Egg with Secret Surprise varies, so please click on the link below to see the current Amazon price:

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