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The Dollar Frog is here to help you find cheap Amazon products. From health and beauty to pet supplies to toys and games. Although we try not to say “cheap” – as many products are actually quite good despite their low prices. Maybe some may equate cheap with low-price without considering quality as a factor. We could say low-priced, but we think cheap works as well.

If you have ever searched through Amazon, there is so much stuff there that it is many times hard to find what you want. They feature the top brands, and push the items with the most sales into the top of the search results. So many times it’s hard to wade through all of the products that aren’t really what you are looking for in order to find something that is just right.

Dollar Frog Amazon products for about a dollar

Also, there are now so many 3rd-party sellers on Amazon, that these “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA) sellers play tricks with the pricing on their products in order to help get them to show up in searches. So if you are sorting your search results by price, lowest to highest, many of these FBA products will be listed with cheap prices … but then they add a high shipping and handling cost, which don’t qualify for Amazon’s free shipping if you spend a total of $25 or more. We’ve seen some products listed for a dollar, only to see that the FBA seller adds a $9 shipping cost so the product is sold for $10, and the seller only has to pay the actual shipping cost for that product. So in this case, if the actual cost is only $1, then the item that was listed with a $1 price (+ $9 shipping), will actually net the FBA seller $9.

So in your search results on Amazon, there can be so many of these FBA products that sometimes it’s hard to find only the products that qualify for Amazon’s free shipping. Not all search results pages allow you to click the Amazon.com only or free shipping only boxes on the left side menu.

We at Dollar Frog have tried to filter out all of those products with a shipping upcharge. Occasionally, a few get through, but for the most part, all of the collected products we list on Dollar Frog will qualify for free shipping if you have a total cart value of over $25.

So if you are looking to find cheap Amazon products – take a look through the dollarfrog.com website to find what you are looking for!

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